Pankaj Kumar Mullick (1905-1978)
The Great Indian Singer, Composer, Teacher, Broadcaster & Actor of 1930s & 1940s
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The title page of the press book is perhaps the only image pertaining to 'Aandhi' which is available in the public domain. Major fire accidents at New Theatres' studios have ensured that the reels of the film which created waves, if not a 'tempest', during 1940, are no longer available.
A large number of advertisements, news, views, still photos etc., have now become available as a result of the painstaking search carried out in the archives of Indian Express, Madras Edition (1933 to 1947).
Rare Pankaj Mullick-related memorabilia from Indian Express are presented in the current web post.
WATCH OUT for more such rare uploads of Pankaj Mullick-related digital images from the past on this website.
[Filmography : Aandhi]
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Rare 'Aandhi'-Related Clippings from

The Indian Express
Madras Edition Archives
(Courtesy : Indian Express &

The Indian Express
Sept 12, 1940

Did K.C. Dey, K.L. Saigal & Pankaj Mullick
have an influence on Indian Popular Music in South Africa ?

Yes, according to a dissertation entitled : “Indian South African Popular Music, The Broadcast Media And The Record Industry : 1920 – 1983” submitted by Melveen Beth Jackson, for award of degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Musicology) in the Department of Music, University of Natal, Durban, Dec, 1999.

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The Indian Express, Madras Edition1933-47

Visit : - The official website of the music maestro maintained by 'Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation',
an organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and propagation of the myriad works of the legendary music maestro

Rajib Gupta, the only grandson of Pankaj Kumar Mullick, is Secretary of the Foundation. He is an author, composer, lyricist, illustrator, designer and filmmaker. The Chief Advisor is Jhinuk Gupta, who is married to Rajib Gupta. An advocate by profession, she is a trained singer who performs Rabindrasangeets as well as the Bengali, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit compositions of Pankaj Mullick.

NEW PANKAJ MULLICK AUDIO SONG CDs : Click to learn more about (1) Pankaj Mullick Bengali Film Songs from Hindusthan Records and Rabindrasangeet songs issued by Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation : (2) Kindred Spirits (Volume 1 - He Nutan) & (3) Kindred Spirits (Volume 2 - Pran Chaay) as well as 'Ashruto Rabindranath' (Tagore: Unheard) - 'Version' songs of Pankaj Mullick, in the voice of Jhinuk & Rajib Gupta, recently released by Saregama.
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